Your Preparation

Current Events

It is important to have some basic awareness about issues related to health care and to your specific chosen profession. It is common to be asked questions about current events related to health, especially about how it may impact your profession specifically. One way to prepare for this is to research the national professional association that represents your health profession. (e.g. American Medical Association, American Pharmacist Association or American Occupational Therapy Association.) Every profession has a national association that advocates to make things better for professionals in their field. This is a great way to gain knowledge about hot topics in your chosen profession.

Professional Attire

Your attire communicates a great deal about you, before you ever open your mouth to speak. We strongly encourage students to wear a nice, conservative, well-fitting business suit. If you do not have a suit and cannot afford to buy one, please consider visiting the Career Closet at the UT Outpost. Or, you can wear the most professional outfit you have. Professional schools are understanding when a student is unable to afford a brand new suit.

This guide will help you understand professional dress, including “business casual”: ProfessionalAttire.pdf

Sample Interview Questions

General Questions - These questions are just simple, straight-forward questions and they cover a variety of topics.

Behavioral Questions - These questions are based on the idea that behavior is predictive, i.e. how you have handled a situation in the past is predictive of how you would handle a similar situation in the future.

Judgement Questions - In these questions, you are presented with a scenario and asked to determine your course of action as a result.


  • Schedule an Interview Prep appt with an HPO Coach through Handshake. They will go over expectations of the interview process, different formats of interviews, types of questions, and strategies to answer.
  • Access Big Interview, available through the Texas Career Engagement Center. This simulated interviewing software can be used as often as you like. You can select the type of interview you want to prepare for and the questions you want to practice. Currently available are pre-prepared modules for Medical School, Dental School, Optometry School, and Veterinary School. Practice MMI scenarios are also available for the Medical School module, in addition to traditional practice questions. 
  • Schedule a practice interview with Texas Career Engagement through Handshake. You will have an opportunity for direct feedback on your appearance, your attire, and the quality of your responses.
  • Schedule an appointment with Sanger Learning Center’s Public Speaking Center. Peer mentors will put you through practice questions and provide feedback.