The Joint Admission Medical Program of Texas supports medical education for top students from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

The Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP) is a special program created by the Texas Legislature to support and encourage highly qualified, economically disadvantaged students to pursue a medical education.

Program Benefits

  • Scholarship money during remaining undergraduate studies
  • Paid summer internships at a Texas medical school
  • Mentoring to prepare for medical school while attending college
  • Admission to a Texas medical school (if all program requirements are met)
  • Annual scholarship money during medical school

* Benefits are subject to change. Please check the JAMP website for up-to-date benefit information.

Window of Eligibility

Students are eligible to apply to JAMP via two different application tracks:

  1. The JAMP Early Admission Track is for Freshman JAMP Applicants if they have >27 credit hours of dual credit or early college high school credit when entering UT Austin.
  2. The JAMP Regular Admission Track allows applicants to apply between the spring semester of their first year of college and the fall semester of their second year of college. (Actual dates are May 1st – September 30th.)

Early Admission to JAMP

All freshmen who are entering in the Fall and are interested in JAMP and meet the following criteria will need to meet with our JAMP Coordinator in the Health Professions Office or one of the JAMP Ambassadors as soon as you are on campus: 

  • 27+ credit hours of dual credit in senior year or early college high school credit AND
  • 1 year of Chemistry with the associate labs taken as dual credit during their senior year of high school AND 
  • Meet all other JAMP application criteria

JAMP Application Criteria & Eligibility

Please check the JAMP website for up-to-date requirement information.

Special Note about GPA Requirements

Your cumulative GPA is based on all college-level courses you have completed. This means if you took college coursework in the summers or completed dual enrollment courses while in high school, those grades are included in your cumulative GPA. Your cumulative GPA must be at least a 3.25.

Using those same guidelines of all college-level coursework – your BCPM GPA includes all Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Physics coursework. Statistics is included in Math. Your BCPM GPA must also be at least 3.25.

Make Your First Year Count 

It is important to build a strong application, and it starts with your first year. Use our Pre-JAMP Making Your First Year Count handout as a guide as you approach your first year of college.