Mission & Values

Why and how we do what we do.


The goal of the Health Professions Office is to help pre-health professions students better prepare for applications to professional schools. Pre-Health Professions Coaches provide students with strategic coaching and relevant resources to help them determine the next steps as they progress toward their individual goals. Coaches also provide a supportive environment for students to explore their potential fit and competitiveness for a health professions career.


  • Empowering
    Meet students where they are and help them to identify and initiate the next steps
  • Encouraging
    Encourage students to actively investigate health profession careers while on their path to self-awareness.
  • Educating
    Guide students in making informed health professions career choices that embrace their values, skills and interests.
  • Supporting
    Serve as a dynamic advising resource to assist students in determining fit, and competitiveness for applying to professional school.