Course Requirements

Pre-Anesthesiologist Assistant Pathway

Course Requirements Overview

This is a guide to common pre-anesthesiologist assistant studies course requirements. 

Additional Notes:

  • Individual schools may require or recommend additional courses.
  • Some schools may require that all prerequisite courses must be taken in person. Many programs prefer in person coursework, and some programs may not allow online coursework. See individual schools for policies.
  • All prerequisites must be completed with a letter grade of C or higher.
  • Schools vary on Credit-By-Exam (AP/IB/CLEP) policies and preferences for prerequisites. Please see "Can I Claim AP/IB Credit?"

School requirements can change.  See individual school websites and admissions guides under "Research Anesthesiologist Assistant Programs Before You Apply".

Recommended Courses

To prepare for most anesthesiologist assistant programs, students study the following subjects.

  • Biology:  Lecture – 6 hrs;  Lab – 2 hrs 
  • General Chemistry:  Lecture – 6 hrs;  Lab – 2 hrs
  • Organic Chemistry:  Lecture – 3 hrs;  Lab – 1 hr
  • General Physics:  Lecture – 6 hrs;  Lab – 2 hrs
  • Biochemistry: Lecture - 3 hrs
  • Human Anatomy: Lecture – 3 hrs;  Lab – 1 hr
  • Human Physiology: Lecture – 3 hrs
  • Advanced Statistics: 3 hrs
  • Calculus: 3 hrs
  • English:  with expository writing – 3 hrs

We strongly recommend taking courses in the following areas.

  • Ethics
  • Analytical problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Writing, interpersonal communications, and presentation skills
  • Cultural studies
  • Spanish and other language studies relevant to your career goals

UT Austin courses are typically taken to fulfill requirements.

Science courses:


Subject Lecture Lab
  • BIO 311C + BIO 311D OR
  • [BIO 315H + BIO 325H] (honors)
  • BIO 206L
  • BIO / INB 446L
  • BIO / INB 365S
  • BIO / INB 165U       (Lab may or may not be required. Check school websites.)



(UT Austin offers 4 accepted lecture/lab sequences.)


  • PHY 317K PHY 317L  OR
  • PHY 302K PHY 302L  OR
  • PHY 303K PHY 303L  (for Engineering majors)  OR
  • PHY 301 PHY 316  (for some Science and Engineering majors)

Starting FALL 2021, PHY 105M/N will replace lab numbers PHY 102M/N, PHY 103M/N, and 117M/N.

  • If PHY 317K + PHY 317L
    • PHY 105M PHY 105N OR
    • PHY 117M + PHY 117N
  • If PHY 302K + PHY 302L
    • PHY 105M PHY 105N OR
    • PHY 102M + PHY 102N
  • If PHY 303K + PHY 303L
    • PHY 105M PHY 105N OR
    • PHY 103M + PHY 103N (for Engineering majors)
  • If PHY 301 + PHY 316
    • PHY 101L + 116L (for some Science and Engineering majors)
General Chemistry
  • CH 301 + CH 302 OR
  • CH 301H + CH 302H (honors)
  • CH 301C + CH 301C (for Chemistry majors)
  • CH 204 OR
  • CH 104M + CH 104N

Organic Chemistry




Two semesters of lecture and 2 hours of lab is currently preferred by Case Western.


  • CH 320M + CH 320N OR
  • CH 328M + CH 328N (for Chemistry majors)
  • CH 120K  (may not be available until Spring 2025) OR
  • CH 220C (registration for CH 320N required for this lab)   OR
  • CH 128K [+ CH 128L]    (for Chemistry majors)  

Most schools require one semester of organic chemistry with a lab.  Some schools may require two semesters.  Currently, Case Western requires one semester of O Chem lecture and lab, but they prefer two semesters of lecture and 2 hours of lab. (Check school websites for their specific requirements.) Starting Fall 2024*, pre-health students only needing one semester of O Chem lab should be able to register for CH 120K (*this is still pending approval and has recently been updated).


  • BCH 369 OR
  • BCH339F (for Biochemistry majors)





Some schools may require or recommend additional science courses.  Examples of courses that may be required or recommended are:

Subject Lecture Lab/Notes
Cell Biology BIO 320  
Microbiology BIO 326R  

Other remaining prerequisites:

Subject Lecture Notes



EDP 371 OR

PSY 418 OR

Preferably for the life sciences. Elementary or basic courses will not fulfill this requirement. Compare topics listed on the course syllabus with the requirements of the schools to which you will apply. NOTE: BIO 446L (Anatomy) requires either Calculus or SDS 302 or SDS 328M.

M 408N OR

M 408K OR

M 408C

Precalculus will not fulfill this requirement. ALWAYS verify with your program of choice as to whether your Calculus class will fulfil their requirements (even if listed).
Rhetoric (Composition)

RHE 306 OR

RHE 309K OR 

Any Writing Flag course

May also be fulfilled with other expository writing courses in the humanities. Science courses with extensive writing components may fulfill this requirement as well. Check school websites.


Prerequisite Course Timelines

Your personal timeline may differ from these samples. Work with your academic advisor to incorporate these courses into your degree plan.

Important Note: Timelines do not include all course options and details. To be sure that you are fulfilling all requirements, see individual school websites. School links are provided on another page. See: "Research AA schools before you apply"!

Additional Course Information