Course Requirements

Pre-Orthotist & Prosthetist Pathway

Course Requirements Overview

This is a guide to common pre-orthotist and prosthetist studies course requirements. 

Additional Notes:

  • Many programs prefer in person coursework, and some programs may not allow online coursework. See individual schools for policies.
  • Individual schools may require or recommend additional courses.
  • All prerequisites must be completed with a letter grade of C or higher.
  • Schools vary on Credit-By-Exam (AP/IB/CLEP) policies and preferences for prerequisites. Please see "Can I Claim AP/IB Credit?"

School requirements can change.  See individual school websites and admissions guides under "Research Orthotist & Prosthetist Programs Before You Apply".

Recommended Courses

To prepare for most O&P Programs, students study the following subjects.

  • Biology/Life Sciences: Lecture – 6 hrs;  Lab – 2 hrs 
  • Chemistry: Lecture – 3 hrs;  Lab – 1 hrs
  • Physics with Lab (for science majors): Lecture – 6 hrs;  Lab – 2 hrs
  • Human Anatomy and Human Physiology with Lab (for science majors): Lecture – 6 hrs;  Lab – 2 hrs
  • Psychology: 6 hrs
  • Statistics: 3 hrs
  • College Algebra or higher math: 3 hrs

UT Austin courses are typically taken to fulfill requirements.

Science courses:


Subject Lecture Lab



  • BIO 311C + BIO 311D  OR
  • [BIO 315H + BIO 325H] (honors)
  • BIO 206L
  • BIO / INB 446L
  • BIO / INB 365S
  • BIO / INB 165U
General Chemistry
  • CH 301 + CH 302 OR
  • CH 301H + CH 302H (honors)
  • CH 301C + CH 301C (for Chemistry majors)
  • CH 204 OR
  • CH 104M + CH 104N

*Most schools require one semester of general chemistry with a lab.  Some schools may require two semesters.  (Check school websites for their specific requirements.) 


General Physics

(Physics courses can be either algebra or calculus based.)

UT Austin offers 4 accepted lecture/lab sequences. 

  • PHY 317K PHY 117M and PHY 317L + PHY 117N OR
  • PHY 302K PHY 102M and PHY 302L + PHY 102N OR
  • PHY 303K PHY 103M and PHY 303L + PHY 103N (for Engineering majors) OR
  • PHY 301 PHY 101L and PHY 316 + PHY 116L (for some Science and Engineering majors)    
  • PHY 317K + PHY 105M and PHY 317L + PHY 105N OR
  • PHY 302K + PHY 105M and PHY 302L + PHY 105N OR
  • PHY 303K + 105M and PHY 303L + 105N (for Engineering majors) OR
  • PHY 301 + PHY 101L and PHY 316 + 116L (for some Science and Engineering majors)


Other remaining prerequisites:


Subject Lecture Notes



EDP 371 OR

PSY 418 OR

Other introductory statistics courses may satisfy this requirement.  Compare topics listed on the course syllabus with the requirements of the schools to which you will apply.
Math   Some schools may require one semester of college algebra or higher. Check school websites.

Programs may vary on the specific requirements for the behavioral sciences.  Generally, schools require no more than 3 – 6 hours which for most schools can be fulfilled by the following. 

Subject Lecture  

PSY 301 AND 


PSY 352

Must be human growth and development or abnormal. Introduction to Psychology or General Psychology is often a prerequisite to these upper-level courses. 

O&P Program Prerequisite Course Timelines 

Your personal timeline may differ from these samples. Work with your academic advisor to incorporate these courses into your degree plan.

  • 4-Year Plan
  • 5-Year Plan Including Bridge Year
  • Pre-O&P Science Flowchart             

Important Note: Timelines do not include all course options and details. To be sure that you are fulfilling all requirements, see individual school websites. School links are provided on another page. See: "Research Orthotist & Prosthetist Programs Before You Apply"!

Additional Course Information