OAT Resources

The Optometry Admission Test (OAT) is the standard entrance exam for optometry programs. Content tested on the OAT includes: Survey of the Natural Sciences, Physics, Reading Comprehension, and Quantitative Reasoning. It is recommended that students take the OAT in the spring (March/April) of their third year. Below, we have a course list for preparing for the OAT and test registration.

Course content tested on the OAT:

  • BIO 311C, BIO 311D, BIO 205L or 206L (Biology)
  • BIO 325 (Genetics)
  • CH 301, CH 302, CH 204 (General Chemistry)
  • CH 320M, CH 320N, CH 220C (Organic Chemistry)
  • E316L or E316M or E316N, or E316P (Literature)
  • Any of the physics sequences below:
    • PHY317K + PHY 105M and PHY 317L + PHY 105N OR
    • PHY302K + PHY 105M and PHY 302L + PHY 105N OR
    • PHY 303K + 105M and PHY 303L + 105N   OR
    • PHY 301 + PHY 101L and PHY 316 + 116L