Test Score

Many students need to retake the standardized admissions test. It is important to identify which test subject areas need improvement. In order to reach those goals, what study methods can help reach those goals that weren’t used before? The standard recommendation is to have a solid and consistent study plan over three months. Focused studying with minimal distractions and taking many practice tests can be very helpful.

There are two main ways students broach studying for the MCAT/DAT/OAT/PCAT/GRE. They are the following:

Formal Approach

This may be a good option for anyone needing structure and accountability during test preparation.  The depth of content covered on tests can be daunting. Some students benefit from having a structured course to understand course material with an instructor available to answer questions. Others prefer to work at their own pace in self-directed programs. Many companies offer fee-based test preparation courses both online and in person. These courses tend to be expensive. Research the options to determine the best fit for you. Don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions about how the course will help you based on your individual learning style. Many students also find it helpful to review concepts before and/or after test preparation courses.

Informal Approach

This may be a good option for students with strong discipline and focus or those who are unable to afford a formal course. The key to success is creating—and being accountable—to a study plan. One example of a study plan can be found here. It may also be beneficial to utilize a test-taking and content-review guide. One example of this can be found here.